February 13, 2016

About Us

Newark Parks Foundation, unaffiliated with the City of Newark, is a nonprofit organization. All of us are 100% volunteers (we don’t get paid, and don’t want to; however, donations are much appreciated.)

We act as a change agent, steering our community toward more active lifestyles and more meaningful interactions between neighbors.

Youth need parks, not iPads, to stay physically active and build meaningful friendships. Adults want connections with their family and neighbors. All need and deserve healthy, outdoor experiences to improve their quality of life.

Newark Parks Foundation supports new and existing parks, open spaces, and outdoor recreation in and around Newark, California. The Foundation plans to do so by:

  • Organizing volunteers to build and/or maintain parks and park amenities/structures.
  • Organizing user groups to identify the community’s unmet recreational needs.
  • Applying for grants to support the Foundation’s capital projects and, as needed, right-of-way leases. Help bring a number of capital projects to fruition.
  • Identifying partnerships between surrounding cities and park districts.
  • Publishing articles to generate public support for parks and to educate the general public on the state of parks and recreation.
  • Organizing public events.