April 27, 2016

Because people matter

Meet Lena, an 11-year old from small-town Newark (CA). She likes swimming, logic puzzles, and playing with her dogs. She lives in a house with a small backyard. She'd like to play fetch with her dogs, but there's no off-leash dog park in her town. The nearest dog park is a 40-min commute round trip, and, obviously, Lena doesn't drive.

Lena knows her mom Linda works hard and is tired when she gets home from work, so Lena doesn't like asking to go to the dog park; after all, mom already shuttles her to and from swimming practice. Lena doesn't see what the big deal is with letting dogs roam off-leash at her local park, but her mother wants to be a law abiding resident. Lena wishes there were a dog park closer to home, and so does her mom. 

Lena is a normal kid. She likes to have fun, and wants a little control over her life! Help get a dog park for Lena, and other dog owners like her. Be part of increasing the quality of life for people! Donate today.

(If your employer is on this list, your employer will match your contribution. Also, Newark Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; your donation is tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number/EIN is 47-5569303. )



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