March 29, 2016

Bike & Pedestrian Safety

Instead of loading your bike on a rack and driving somewhere to ride, wouldn't it be much nicer to bike from home?

Bike safety is an integral component to the Foundation's Bike NOW Program.

You need not live in the city in which you bike or walk to provide a city feedback on the safety of its streets.

If you're a Tri-City resident, whether you're biking for recreation or transportation, you will likely cross through at least two of the Tri-Cities on your route. If you walk just a couple days a week, you already know the trouble spots. Cities are approaching safety with the 5 E's in mind: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation.

Let each city's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) know about the good (very important!), the bad, and the ugly. Your feedback will improve safety and expand recreational opportunities for all!