March 28, 2016

Bike Program

We’re all about getting the community active and building community, and that naturally happens when we get outdoors. The Foundation’s Bike NOW (Newark on Wheels) program provides the comprehensive mix of opportunities, education, and support.

One common question we get is, "Are our efforts helping only Newark residents?". The answer is No. Our program serves the greater community; however, we emphasize our outreach on Newark and try to give priority to Newark residents when necessary and practical, recognizing that we do have limited resources. But, when it comes to our bike rides, we often have plenty of room for all!

Bike Ride –

We HOST community bikes rides, including Family Ride, Intermediate Ride, and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

We also SUPPORT local bike events.

Bike rides get the community active and mingling!

Bike Skills –

We TEACH (“Pump It Up”) beginner bike skills such as how to ride a pump track.

Bike skills provide a better biking experience and expand the biking trails available to youth!

Riding Toys –

We FIX and give away riding toys.

Wheel-Thrus include free repair, bringing mechanics to our community, partnering with BikeMobile and Union City Teen Workshop.

Youth cannot get active if their "ride" isn't rideable!

Bike Safety –

We SUPPORT biking and walking routes to recreation from home.

We organize the community to provide the city feedback on its Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan.

Safety encourages biking!

Bike Park –

We PROMOTE bicycle recreational opportunities in and around Newark, partnering with park districts and surrounding cities to build a Bike Park (with pump-track and dirt-jump features).

A Bike Park provides additional recreation for all ages and skill levels!