September 5, 2017


Dear Community,

Volunteerism matters. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

It is with great ambivalence that a majority of Newark Parks Foundation's Board of Directors voted to dissolve as an organization. We can no longer accept donations. We thank all our donors, volunteers, and supporters for unwavering support, generosity, and toil. We've made friends and memories. You've enriched our lives and our community. Because we are an all-volunteer organization and operated on a shoe-string of a budget, we have a little extra left over. We are in the process of transferring all remaining assets to local nonprofits with the best mission match. If time allows, we will submit our website to the Library of Congress for archiving, and the same for our Facebook page.

Free, outdoor recreation, open spaces, and community are at the heart of our mission. You can read more about our founding, here. We incorporated with the intent to bring support to a skatepark, bike park, and dog park for the benefit of Newark residents. As evidenced by our organized public attendance at Newark city meetings and an increase in developer park impact fees (250%!) to support such projects, we got the ball rolling in the right direction.

Dog park and skatepark made the city's list of top 3 highest priorities for the Capital Improvement Plan, and the bike park is listed in the current Citywide Parks Master Plan. These projects are now in the hands of the City of Newark/Newark City Council, and we urge their continued support.

We've also hosted many community events, including a successful Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day and Plummer Creek Cleanup (and Civic Center Native Plant Garden) and Schilling Native Plant Garden. These events can continue without nonprofit status, and we encourage you to help by signing up with any of the following user groups. As part of our Bike NOW (Newark on Wheels), We just had a spectacular turnout at Schilling Elementary for our Bike Repair/Bike Giveaway event, thanks to the community's bicycle donations (Wheel Drive). Biking is a fun, inexpensive outdoor recreation for all ages.

Our community and volunteers do NOT need nonprofit status to continue the spirit of our mission. Here are some ways you can get involved:

This Board and its founders will continue to volunteer in their communities. We know you will join us.

Special Thanks To:

  • Steve for the ingenious skate video.
  • Ej for your pro-bono website services.
  • Denise for your creative pro-bono outreach flyers.
  • April for the gorgeous photography.
  • Donna for the excellent leadership and guidance.


Newark Parks Foundation, Board of Directors, Executive Director, & Founders