February 22, 2016

Fremont Bike Park Petition

Petitioners: You must be a Fremont resident. Thank you!


If you’re a FREMONT resident, SIGN this petition to demonstrate your support for a Bike Park in Fremont. And, please donate to help with outreach efforts.

A Bike Park offers a free, fun, family-friendly outdoor recreational activity for all skill levels (beginner to advanced), starting as young as age 2 and as old as 72. A Bike Park provides a wonderful gathering place for the entire community. Cities throughout CA use such parks as recreation. They are both fun and safe.

Unlike other parks, a Bike Park is inexpensive to build: it just involves dirt and a fence. Add your signature to demonstrate that Fremont residents support the idea.

Support healthy lifestyles and community! Sign and Share this petition.

Fremont Bike Park Petition

Dear City of Fremont and Fremont Recreation Commission,

Bike Parks (Pump-Track Dirt-Jump) provide a place for communities to socialize and encourage active, healthy lifestyles.

Dirt-jump pump-track biking is a free, dawn-to-dusk mainstream activity enjoyed by men and women of all ages, including adults, teens, and toddlers.

This activity brings together two biking communities—mountain bikers and BMX bikers—from beginner to intermediate to advanced. A bit about Bike Parks (dirt-jump pump-track):

- There's no race track, and there are no time trials.
- Speeds are slow. No motorized vehicles allowed!
- Riders wait in a queue for his/her turn on a given section of a track.
- More than one rider can be on the same stretch at a time, but there are rules and courtesies around spacing.
- It is customary for parents to follow close behind their young children so as to guide them through the track and provide assistance as needed.

The closest Bike Park is in Pleasanton, CA; it's a great park, but one closer to home would be more convenient and enable Fremont residents to gather with others from the community.

Fremont has a strong mountain biking community and most adults and kids have bikes. A Bike Park will get a lot of use, and grow the bike culture in Fremont. I support a Bike Park in Fremont, and I approve of my tax dollars being used for this purpose.

I also approve of any partnerships that you might build with the East Bay Park District and surrounding cities and volunteer organizations to construct such a Bike Park.

Thank you for listening!

[your signature]

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