February 13, 2016

Get Involved

Name your skill—we have a use for it. But, donations are essential. You can find our list of volunteer positions here.


Support Us

  1. Donate. No amount is too small.
  2. Marketeer? Help with a campaign.
  3. Artist/Musician? Host a fundraising event for us.


Contact Your Officials

  1. Send an email to city.council@newark.org.
  2. Demand high park impact fees.
  3. Ask for fair park prioritization criteria.
  4. Ask the council to budget for a park ranger, much like Fremont.
  5. Express your desire for the Foundation's park projects.


Recruit Supporters

  1. Invite others to join our user groups.
  2. Post our flyers: dog park flyer, skatepark flyer, bike park flyer, and garden flyer.
  3. Identify potential Board Members that share our mission.


Market Us

  1. LIKE our Facebook page.
  2. Get the public to subscribe to our email newsletter.
  3. Distribute our company brochure at a public event.
  4. Ask your church or employer involved in our projects.


Participate in Events and Programs

  1. Cyclist? Participate in our Bike Program.
  2. Mountain Biker? Participate in our trail maintenance events.
  3. Advocate? Represent us at BPAC.


Get To Know Us

  1. Photographer/Videographer? Record our activities for media campaigns.
  2. Public Speaker? Speak about our causes at a local civic organization.
  3. Writer? Blog about us.
  4. Reporter? Ask to interview us.