March 14, 2016

Native Plants Garden: Archived Updates

(These are archived updates. For the latest update, go here.)

3/13/2016. The Foundation is still working out an agreement with the Newark Christian Center. The Foundation recently obtained a quote for business liability insurance, and we intend to share this information with the congregation to ease their concerns about liability. We might also determine if we can add “gardening” to the congregation’s insurance policy. These negotiations take time, but we’re hopeful. Stay tuned!

3/9/2016. Newark Christian Center is supportive of a native plants garden on its permitted SFPUC parcel at Ash Street Park, but its diocese determined that it is not in a financial position to take on the perceived liability that comes with having the public visit the garden while under construction and maintenance. The Foundation is willing to obtain liability insurance, but that effort alone might not provide the congregation the necessary reassurance. The Foundation is also willing to apply for a temporary, short-term permit to deploy the garden, but that would require that the church relinquish its permit and that’s not in the best interest of any party. The Foundation is exploring other contractual arrangements to make a partnership possible.

3/8/2016. The SFPUC interview process went well. They love our idea and are willing to work with us. However, the SFPUC needs the Foundation to have a sponsor with a longer history. We have a few such sponsors in mind. Also, unbeknownst to the Newark Christian Center and the Foundation, the Newark Christian Center is the permit holder for the 1/2 parcel for which the Foundation applied via the SFPUC, making the Newark Christian Center the natural sponsor.

1/6/2016. Final project proposal is complete and so too is the garden landscape design and plant list. Lastly, The Foundation’s Executive Director is officially a BayFriendly Qualified Professional (BFQP). Our application process is looking good!

12/1/2015. SFPUC reviewed and provided a temporary green light to move forward with a use permit. SFPUC’s preliminary feedback indicated that approval would be easier if the garden did not have a bench. If we include a bench, it must be on the perimeter of the parcel as far away from the pipes as outlined in the site requirements. This is great news!