February 22, 2016

Newark Skatepark Petition

Petitioners: You must be a Newark resident. Thank you!

Newark youth need a skatepark. Help us get them one. SIGN this petition!

***If you think you've already signed this petition, think again: Our Change.org petition with 850+ signatures convinced the Newark City Council that skating is an unmet recreational need. This new petition asks the Newark City Council and Planning Commission to allocate funds toward a skatepark and to include it in the city's park master plan.***

  • Youth need a safe place to skate, a place where they can socialize with their peers, where they can get exercise, and where their parents can find them.
  • Youth need Parks, not iPads.

Also, consider donating today to help with outreach efforts.

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A skatepark:

• Builds community. Provides a gathering place for teens, and their families, encouraging residents to get to know one another and build friendships.
• Provides a safer skate environment. Less than 5% of all skateboarding injuries occur in skateparks. Our public streets, sidewalks, stairs, and curbs are not safe places to skate. A majority of fatal skateboarding accidents that occur in the street involve a motor vehicle.
• Improves health and well-being. Obesity is a problem in our youth. What do you call an obese skateboarder? A beginner. A free sport is an excellent way to encourage physical fitness⸺get them away from the videos games⸺give them access to fresh air and exercise!
• Lowers crime. Provides an additional, productive activity for teens⸺a place⸺a sense of belonging⸺an identity. Boredom in teens is not helpful: ask any police officer!
• Improves education. Challenges them, teaches them to handle failure, and helps build confidence⸺all of which can carry over into the classroom.
• Boosts local business. When residents travel to other cities for recreational needs, they spend money in those cities (dining out, etc). Let's keep money in Newark!
• Enhances, improves, and revitalizes our city. They're downright cool! Makes our city look hip. Gives Newark teens a sense of PRIDE!

Newark Skatepark Petition

Dear Newark City Council Members & Planning Commissioners,

Please listen to the pleas of our youth in our community. They need a skatepark. I support our youth wholeheartedly. I ask that you fund a skatepark in Newark. It's good for youth, and it's good for our community.

- (Video) Kids Plead for a Newark Skatepark: https://youtu.be/fY5J8LpWw_8
- (Video) In Their Own Words: https://youtu.be/_bt4cwgd7oc

The need for a skatepark is written in our General Plan. It's time to integrate our city's vision into our capital budget and park master plan:

"Increasing park acreage is only one part of responding to future recreational needs. Newark must also respond to the need for new recreational facilities. The City has identified the need for...a skate park..."(PR-2).

Per SB 774, Liability at Public Skateboard Parks (SL2003), cities have liability protection for accidents at skateparks. Less than 5% of all skateboarding injuries occur in skateparks. A majority of fatal skateboarding accidents that occur in the street involve a motor vehicle.

A skatepark gives pre-teens and teens something to do, and a safe gathering place. Being physically active keeps our youth happy and healthy.

Thank you for listening.

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