February 20, 2016

Newark Skatepark: Update

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We’ve come a long way since the project’s launch in September 2015. Thank you to those that came out at the October 8th, 2015 and February 11th, 2016 City Council Meetings: to date, we’ve brought out 60 users.


What’s the status?

6/8/2016: We attended the first citywide parks master plan meeting. NPF brought out 60 people. Of those, most were skatepark and bike park supporters.
Although our numbers were strong, our message did not come across due to the format change for the meeting: Supporters were just too nervous to speak into a very loud microphone in a large, packed room. The teens clammed up, and understandably so. Even the adults were a bit nervous. For the next meeting, we will ask supporters to prepare brief statements in advance and clap for fellow supporters that do speak. That will show unity! Nonetheless, NPF drove home the point that skateboarding in Newark is currently illegal and unsafe, and that kids should not need to skate off loading docks and dumpsters. See you at the next meeting! Meanwhile, we’re developing our datasheet to submit to the city, outlining estimated costs of construction and maintenance, estimated usage, potential revenue, and funding sources.

What can you do to help?

  • Attend the Master Plan Meetings. To get notified of these meetings, sign up for our email newsletter.
  • Share our video.
  • Donate. Outreach requires printing, banners, business cards, advertising, etc. These efforts cost money. No donation is too small.