April 12, 2016

Nominate Us

Dear Supporter,

Newark Parks Foundation (www.newarkparks.org) is a nonprofit public charity, and the Foundation’s staff and Board members are volunteers – nobody gets paid, and we like it that way. However, we do have basic operating expenses.

Part of our fundraising strategy is to give employees (you and your coworkers!) of large Bay Area companies an opportunity to donate to Newark Parks Foundation and receive matching contributions from your employer. If your employer is on this list, your employer will match your contribution (aka “matching gift” programs); however, in some cases you must first add us to your employer’s system as an eligible cause.

Help us to nominate Newark Parks Foundation as an eligible cause. Any employee can put a nonprofit on his/her employer's list, making us eligible for employer matching in the event that any of your colleagues donate to Newark Parks Foundation.

When you launch your company’s “Nominate Cause” user interface, you will provide your contact information, then the following information about Newark Parks Foundation:

Newark Parks Foundation, Inc.
36236 Sandalwood Street, Newark CA 94560
Contact: Angela Akridge, Executive Director at 408.393.9249 or info@newarkparks.org
EIN Number/Tax ID: 47-5569303
Reason for nomination: to support parks and community

Afterward, your company will contact Newark Parks Foundation and “we’ll take it from here.” The process is quite simple; Oracle and Google just added Newark Parks Foundation to its list of eligible causes.

We will personally notify you after your company confirms that we are in its database. At that time we’ll provide you a flyer or sample email that you can distribute to your closest coworkers, informing them of the Foundation’s causes. We hope that you'll spread the word!


Newark Parks Foundation