February 13, 2016

Our Team

Board of Directors & Staff

All of us have jobs, families, and hobbies, so don't be scared off by the title. A Board position is roughly a 5-hr/month commitment. We're flexible and realistic when it comes to board obligations. Before you even consider a Board position, please understand our Foundation's values. On the bright side, Giving Time Gives You Time.

The Foundation is the only nonprofit in Newark with our mission. Newark is very small—only roughly 45,000 people, and so our impact will be noticeable. Parks promote health and community. If you share our vision and excel at what you do professionally, we want to hear from you!

Our independent nonprofit is served by an all-volunteer Board. A Board Member's roles, responsibilities, and agreement include raising funds and providing leadership (strategic planning).

We currently have capacity for two more Directors, and are seeking additional leaders to serve as Honorary Board Members (no-voting powers). If you're interested in joining the Board, attend our next monthly social.

Vishal Saxena

Acting Chairperson & Development Director

Vishal is a Fremont resident with two kids, ages 8 and 11 months. His 8-year old daughter enjoys biking, and it would bring Vishal much pleasure to work toward a bike park for all Tri-City kids. Vishal is an IT professional with 20 years experience in senior management, and is working toward an Executive MBA at Pepperdine University. He currently serves as an IT Director at Oracle where he builds and manages world-class teams. To escape the pressures of urban life and our high-tech world, Vishal retreats to his garden. We're honored to have Vishal's expertise in organizational development and strategic planning.

Linda Micciche


Linda was raised in Boston, and now lives in Newark since 2004, having moved to the Bay Area in 1992. She serves the Sisters of the Holy Family as Development Director and, more recently, Digital Communications Director. Since 1989, she's worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations ranging from environmental, social services, and religious. In addition to a master's degree in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco, she has an undergraduate degree in Management from the University of Massachusetts and a certificate in Nonprofit Development. She's a single mom to a strong, pre-teen daughter and a willful dog. Her community service work includes local churches and girl scouts. She believes that a strong community is the solution to a multitude of challenges.

Emilio Loredo

(Elect) Board of Director

Emilio has lived in Newark the majority of his life. He currently lives in the house his grandparents purchased in 1962. Emilio is an Irrigation Work Leader at the Presidio Trust, a national park and former Army base. He has over twenty-six years of experience including landscape design, landscape installation, landscape maintenance, sales, project management and organizational development. Emilio enjoys the outdoors, especially bird watching and camping with his wife and five kids. He's a big fan of succulents, and these can be found throughout his front yard. He has a passion for volunteer work and encourages his friends and family to do participate in our community.

Stephen Lawrence


Stephen ("Steve") was raised in Florida, moved to the Bay Area in his early 20's, and is currently a Newark resident. Steve has been a kernel software developer with Oracle since 2000, and loves his job. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Outside of work he always finds time for his son and the neighborhood kids on his block. He enjoys rock climbing, solo and tandem road cycling with his toddler and wife, bike mechanics, skateboarding, surfing, and pretty much anything involving the outdoors. He's a numbers guy, but he can break down figures for novice users too. He excels at and yearns for steep learning curves. He's pragmatic and fiscally conservative.

Carrie Vermazen

Community Outreach Director

Carrie is a new resident of Newark, and is excited to take up roots in this small railroad town. Carrie prides herself on her ability to where many hats: Carrie has 10 years of experience in business development and nonprofit management, including sales, budget development, fundraising reporting, bookkeeping, recruiting, project management, and social media campaign development. She enjoys dog sitting and caring for her poodle. Her partner Martin enjoys road cycling, whereas she prefers to drive the support vehicle (SAG) while listening to The Dixie Chicks' "Long Way Around." Truth be told, nothing makes her happier than public speaking—skills she acquired through Rotary—and meeting new people. We're pleased to have such a versatile professional, and former girl scout, on our team.

Angela Akridge

Executive Director

Angela was born and raised in the East Bay, and has been living in Newark since 2003. Angela has been a Technical Writer for 15 years, specializing in startup companies. Angela holds a BA in English from UC Davis. She has former nonprofit experience, working with Children NOW and Freedom From Hunger. When not documenting enterprise software, she finds time for running the hills at Coyote Hills Regional Park and the Alameda Creek Trail and road cycling with her kid to Sunol Regional Park and beyond. She's adventurous: the Newark area is endowed with sloughs, and she enjoys exploring them in her Old Town Camper canoe. Angela has a knack for details, and believes that great results come from talented and dedicated people, a well-planned mission and goals, grant proposals with a strong interest match, fiscal responsibility, and well-managed projects and programs focused on producing results.

Sean Riley

Vice Secretary

Sean was born and raised in the Bay Area. Since 2007, he's been an Environment Manager for Cargill Salt, a large, local employer in Newark that encourages and supports community building. He has extensive experience in Management of Regulatory Affairs, Resource Management, Operations, Environmental Programs, Health and Safety, and Real Estate. Sean supports Bay Area operations of over 15,000 acres, and works with over 27 city, county, regional, state and federal agencies, and has a strong rapport with individuals in these agencies. He's also worked with agencies on trail maintenance. Sean is an odd ball: nothing excites him more than bureaucracy and land use, and so our Foundation is pleased to have him "on board." He's committed to using his expertise to help our Foundation navigate bureaucracies as it relates to deploying parks and evaluating open spaces. He enjoys gardening and spending time with his wife and two kids in the small town of Alamo.

Jordan Richter

Honorary Board Member

Jordan Richter is a professional skateboarder, entering the sport as a pre-teen, and a gifted public speaker and an ideal Ambassador for our Foundation. He's a father of four, and a strong youth advocate. Jordan lives in Union City, and has been searching for a way to give back to the greater community, though many try to argue that he already does so on a daily basis as an entrepreneur, running a Bay Area-based skateboarding academy where he is both instructor and manager. His instruction spans skateparks in Fremont, Alameda, and Walnut Creek, providing him a pulse on the sport and art of skateboarding and the youth that enjoy it.

Donna Wies

Honorary Board Member

Donna is a Senior Consultant at the Center for Excellence in Nonprofits. She's a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. She specializes in strategic planning, performance measurement, and governance consulting. Donna was instrumental in founding the Fremont Skatepark, from developing the user community to starting the project in 2006, seeing it to fruition in 2013, and supporting the user community even now. She helps nonprofit organizations and public agencies develop and execute effective strategies to achieve their Mission. She's committed to making our Foundation a stronger one.

Swetha Sainath

Vice-Treasurer Elect/Communications Director

Swetha is a Hayward resident, and is undeterred by her morning commutes to her San Francisco workplace and business trips abroad. She's an exceptional listener—a scarce skill in this day and age. She's a prudent doer: Before diving into problem solving, she strives to understand the objectives and the factors at work. She doesn't just ask questions—she asks the right questions; therefore, it's no wonder Cisco has put her in charge of identifying and implementing cost reduction methods in its supply chain. Swetha comes from a family that values volunteerism. She lives this virtue as she carves out time each week to give back to the greater community. Without a doubt, we want her overseeing our messaging and assistance on program evaluation.