February 13, 2016


Newark Parks Foundation is harnessing technology (Facebook, Instagram, etc) to organize and identify residents with unmet recreational needs. The Foundation weaves these user groups into our community by supporting the parks and park amenities that they need, building a more physically active and stronger community.

Through our public outreach efforts, including numerous opinion-editorials, social media campaigns, and door-to-door campaigns, we have mobilized three active user groups in support of three distinct parks:

Skatepark. 100+ users and growing—a community group of skateboarders and parents of skaters that want to bring street skating out of the shadows and into an outdoor skatepark to participate in the challenging sport and art of skateboarding, encouraging physical fitness and developing confidence and independence in at-risk teens. See also Newark Skatepark: Update.

Bike park, dirt-jump pump-track. 160+ users and growing—an energetic community group of mountain bikers, BMX bikers, and volunteer dirt track builders that are highly driven to enjoy and shape this modern and growing family activity, encouraging families—throughout the Tri-Cities—to gather and socialize with one another. See also Tri-City Bike Park: Update.

Dog park. 30+ dog owners and growing—a community group that has deep roots in this community and that desires an off-leash dog park to enrich their outdoor experiences and community interactions. Dog parks offer a multi-generational activity for all ages, and promote responsible dog ownership and healthy, active lifestyles. See also Newark Dog Park: Update.