April 14, 2016

Our Results

Newark Parks Foundation started up October 2015, yet we've accomplished so much. Thank you to our supporters, volunteers, financial support from Cargill and individual donors, sponsors, and our partners such at HandsOn Conservation, Don Edwards Native Plant Nursery, Ansate Jones, RockViewVideo, and Jumbo Banners.

  • 1.5 M in additional city revenue and higher impact fees! Newark Parks Foundation's research showing low park impact fees motivated the city to require 1.5M in additional revenue from a Newark developer. Park impact fees is a major source of revenue for city parks. Shortly after NPF's research, the Newark City Council voted to increase park impact fees from $7,500 to $25,000 (233% increase!) per single family home. With a skatepark and dog park scheduled for the Capital Improvement Plan, this improved revenue source is essential to achieving these amenities.
  • We got organized. We organized 50+ residents to come out and address the city council on behalf of a Newark Skatepark and Newark Dog Park, resulting in commitments from the city for a park master plan and project prioritization. Our skatepark video was a hit - Thank you Steve of RockViewVideo.
  • We packed the joint! 60 supporters turned out for the citywide parks master plan, workshop #1. Our supporters represented roughly 80% of the participants. Great turnout! Numerous more attended workshops 2/3/4.
  • Skatepark & Dog Park made the cut! Skatepark and Dog Park made the list of high-priority projects for the Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Received Bike Park support from community! Bike Park petition was a success, which enabled us to present our park proposal to the Fremont Recreation Commission during public comment, resulting in a 1-1 with Fremont Recreation department. We also added a pump-track to Newark's list of recreation "gaps." And, we made headlines.
  • Rolled out a native plant garden. The former garden beds at Schilling Elementary School's TK/Kinder play area were languishing in weeds and for sum 8 years. We brought it back to life by pulling weeds and planting natives as part of a classroom project. It's now a huge point of pride for the school.
  • We brought awesome feedback to the BPAC table! NPF brought out 6 participants, which comprised 90% of the meeting participants, to review the city's Bicycle & Pedestrian master plan. More importantly, by the end of the meeting two of our Bike NOW supporters volunteered to join the 4-person BPAC (Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee) to help move the plan and implementation forward. Thank you Martin Williams and Dayle Kotturi for helping to push this initiative forward!
  • Improved Civic Center Park/Plummer Creek Watershed. Using 17 volunteers, we cleaned up trash (6 contractor bags!) and planted live oaks, maples, and CA native shrubs such a sonoma sage. The plants and trees are thriving and will be with us for generations to come.
  • Delivered two high-turnout events that got the community biking:
    • Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - 44 riders, mostly newbies, representing residents throughout the Tri-City area with an overwhelming majority from Newark. We're very proud that both genders were equally represented.
    • Schilling Bike Repair Event - Visitors - 100+; Helmets - 50; Bike Repairs - 23; Bike Locks - 35; Bikes - 25