March 14, 2016

Tri-City Bike Park: Archived Updates

(These are archived updates. For the latest, go here.)

Note: Archived updates for Newark Pump Track and Fremont Bike Park are included below.

6/8/2016. We’ve come a long way since our project launch September 11, 2015. Up to this point we’ve been working exclusively with City of Fremont to get a full-fledged bike park (dirt-jump and pump-track). In fact, NPF met with Fremont recreation staff 1-1, and NPF concluded that this project requires a maintenance funding strategy for it to be more attractive, and NPF is currently putting together a detailed budget to get a better understanding of the total maintenance costs! In addition, Newark is a prime candidate for a pump-track because startup and maintenance costs are lower and because Newark has less sprawl (higher density) and smaller population. We attended Newark’s first citywide parks master plan meeting, and based our case that the ROI is strong. NPF brought out 60 people. Of those, a strong number were Bike Park supporters. Kids spoke up too, outlining the fact that skateparks don’t allow bikes. Adults were quick to say that they use pump-tracks for fitness. Meanwhile, we’re developing our datasheet to submit to the City of Newark, outlining estimated costs of construction and maintenance, estimated usage, potential revenue, and funding sources, and a detailed maintenance budget for the City of Fremont. Hope to see you at the next City of Newark meeting, and tell your neighbors!

3/8/2016. The Bike Park petitions are now available! A big thank you to our pro-bono web developer, Ej. And, we launched our new website, so check it out. 🙂

1/11/2016. The City of Fremont recommended that the Newark Parks Foundation present the Bike Park proposal to the Fremont Recreation Commission. In that meeting we will  demonstrate that Fremont residents will actually use such a park. We plan to create a petition!

11/20/2016. REI expressed strong interest in our park project, and asked us to consider their grant program in Jan/Feb 2017. We also received strong commitments from Fremont bike shops on promo efforts. For example, CendriPEDAL will provide ongoing newsletter announcements on our behalf.

10/15/2016. As a result of targeted outreach in social media and other forums, we tripled our user base from 25 to 80+. Nice!